Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Women Should Choose Natural Foods and a RAW Food Diet

Why Women Should Choose Natural Foods and a RAW Food Diet

Natural foods, and at least a 70% raw food diet is the optimal diet for women. and in combination with fresh air, enough sunshine, exercise, proper relaxation and breathing, will promote and maintain optimal health. Moreover,wholesome, natural and un-cooked foods help to build up and restore youthful vitality, beauty, strength, endurance and resistance.

In addition, organic and un-cooked fruits, vegetables and herbs can't produce disease in the body because they contain no toxins, in-organic chemicals/salts,or harmful trans-fats that saturate the blood. However, processed food, as well as animal products can affect a woman's health adversely, as they produce toxic elements and decay in the stomach.

Nuts and seeds are safe though, as they don't clog and ferment in the stomach like meat and processed food does. And just like fruits, vegetables and herbs, their organic salts are fully absorbed by the body and their cellulose content stimulates normal peristalsis (intestinal activity.)

Eating a 100% raw food diet, as well as wholly natural foods, can not only prevent and cure diseases, but often wakes up dormant chronic diseases and turn them into an active 'healing crisis' - in order to defeat and expel the disease. Whenever this happens, you shouldn't worry or give up, but simply help it along (by adhering to the new and improved diet and lifestyle.

In addition, the CURES brought along by a dramatic change and improvement in diet and lifestyle are many (and have been recorded by many!) And it certainly can be seen as miraculous what an inner cleanse and detox, as well as healthy living can do for a woman in terms of rejuvenation!

Moreover, all natural foods should be relished by the palate as it all comes directly from the hand of nature.
Why don't you commit yourself from today to eat natural foods and a predominantly RAW food diet? Good nutrition will definitely maintain and increase your physical beauty, stamina and health!

However, you may have to do all that you can to avoid any un-natural and processed foods which addict you and your tongue to artificial flavors and chemically altered consistencies.
Moreover, don't rely on the likes and dislikes of your perverted sense of taste, caused by food additives such as mono-sodium glutomate (msg) and other harmful additives, or blame the natural foods when it stirs up the toxins in your system - in order to eliminate them.

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  1. I agree having raw food esp veggies is really a great way to detox the body and feel rejuvenated even though at the beginning this diet isn't so yummy but once you get the hang of it it aint that bad