Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Acne and Diet (According to Dermatology)

Acne and Diet (According to Dermatologists)

Experience has shown that the following influences sometimes cause exacerbations in certain cases of acne;

1. Cosmetic face creams and cosmetic lotions, including so-called skin foods, skin tonics, lubricant creams and vanishing creams; also heavy pancake make-ups.

2. Rough or woolen garments, furs etc, next to the skin.

3. Contact with oils, tars, chlorine and fluorine.

4. Chocolate.

5. Iodized salt. In areas like New York City and in other places where the air, food and water contain more than sufficient iodine, iodized salt not only is unnecessary but may sometimes produce or aggravate acne and other dermatoses.

6 Shellfish and salt water fish.

7. Sharp cheeses.

8. Nuts.

9. Pork and pork products.

10. All medications containing iodine or iodides.

11. All medications containing bromides.

12. Sedative drugs. Even aspirin and barbiturates sometimes make acne worse or cause new eruptions.

However, according to dermatology, none of these substances is the cause of acne vulgaris. Many acne patients can be exposed to any or all of them without the slightest negative effect. Many patients can pig out on chocolate, for example, or continually use iodized salt and not be harmed. But others with apparently identical clinical features continue to have exacerbations and resist treatment until the chocolate, iodized salt or other such item is eliminated.

In addition, according to dermatologists, there's no evidence of a general disturbance of fat or carbohydrate metabolism in acne vulgaris. On the contrary, all modern studies indicate the lack of any such systemic disturbance. Therefore, the undoubted benefits which are sometimes obtained through reducing fat and sugar intake may perhaps be due to the coincidental elimination of some particular harmful articles of food.

Therefore, chocolate will as a rule be eliminated when sweets are and most pork products will be avoided by the patient on a low fat diet. Based on these premises, it's believed that the general all-inclusive radical reductions in fat and carbohydrate intake are unnecessary and even contraindicated in acne patients with normal weight.

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