Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Nutrition for Healthy Living

Good Nutrition for Healthy Living

Life can certainly be hectic can't it? And sometimes it can be quite hard for a busy woman to take the time to make healthy food choices (I think we've all been there!) However, making wise food choices, along with regular physical activity, is so worth the effort.

A healthy lifestyle can offer BIG benefits to your health - now
and in the future. It can also transform your entire life!

In addition, healthy eating habits can help any woman feel her BEST - today and every day. And as a plus, good nutrition and healthy living enables a woman to reach and stay at a healthy body weight.

What about the healing and rejuvenating properties of certain foods, that can help a woman gain radiant health, energy and vitality? Well, good nutrition and healthy living can certainly do that. Moreover, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you lower your risk of some chronic diseases. Dramatically!

Such a lifestyle will also assist those of you wanting to have children to have a healthy pregnancies and babies.

A Healthy Eating Plan for Women

You might have felt confused by all the conflicting information you hear out there about WHAT'S healthy to eat. But there's some tried and proven diets, as well as nutritional diet programs out there that can also help us to make wise food choices.

One such nutritional diet/weight loss program is Herbalife. It's an amazing product that enables you to get healthy and lose weight - quickly. And millions of lives have been positively transformed by this particular nutritional/weight-loss program as it helps the body to heal itself of disease. It also gives you an undeniable BOOST of energy and vitality.

I'm currently on the program and will stay on it! I also can't praise enough! And having suffered an auto-immune disease for much of my life, as well as having survived breast cancer recently, I wanted to find the BEST possible nutritional program.

In addition, with the right balance of essential nutrients daily, health and vitality FLOURISHES. Herbalife's Targeted Nutrition products, based on their exclusive Cellular Nutrition® technology, deliver vital nutrients at the cellular level, to support total well-being and promote long-term good health.

A healthy eating plan also includes the following;

• Fresh fruits and vegetables
(preferably organic)

• Whole grains
('Bible Bread' is wonderful)

• Fat-free or low-fat versions of milk, cheese and yogurt - as well as no-dairy milk products such as rice or soy milk (non-dairy is preferable)

• Lean meats, poultry, fish, dry beans and peas, eggs and nuts

Now, for good nutrition and healthy living, what should we limit in out diets? Well lovely, your healthy eating plan should be low in;

• Saturated fat/trans fat

• Cholesterol

• Salt (sodium)

• Added sugars

• Added preservatives

• Alcohol

Anyhow lovely, I do hope you enjoyed my article ; 'Good Nutrition for Healthy Living!.' Until next time....

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