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Aloe Vera for Health and Rejuvenation

Aloe Vera for Health and Rejuvenation

Aloe vera is a plant with a long reputation as a beauty, health and rejuvenation aid and topical medicine aid. The remarkable aloe vera plant is one of nature's best gifts, and has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Even a poem from Cleopatra's Day said that Cleopatra's famed beauty was enhanced by the gel of the ancient Aloe Vera plant!

Aloe vera certainly has a long and exotic history, and in recent years, the plant and its healing and rejuvenating properties have become big news in the health field. I personally swear by aloe vera juice being one of nature's own precious ingredients, and that it can alleviate a variety of human complaints!

While physicians of antiquity are said to have used aloe vera to treat a variety of conditions, including headache, skin inflammations, constipation and menstrual problems, modern medical references to this medicinal plant didn't appear until the 1930's and 40's.

A number of researchers have since reported on their use of the leaves and gel to treat radiation burns and skin ulcers. In 1957 another researcher reported on the use of an ointment made from powdered aloes to treat ulcers on amputation stumps and other skin conditions.

There's real clinical evidence of aloe vera's healing effect. Scientific studies have reported the reduction of many many ailments such as stomach disorders, indigestion, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and more. Aloe vera also aids circulation, increases energy and helps a woman get healthy skin and hair.

Even the word "aloe" means "medical plant." Scientifically and commonly known as aloe vera, that medical plant has a centuries-old reputation as an aid to feminine health and beauty. It's also a very effective ingredient in cosmetics - such as face and hand creams, lotions, and skin moisturizers. Moreover, drinking it will beautify the skin.

The aloe vera gel most often used in cosmetics is taken from the species known botanically as A. Barbadensis Miller (sometimes also known as A.Vera Tournefort ex Linne, or as A.vulgaris Lamark.) This gel is a water-thin, almost colorless liquid extracted from the peeled, spineless leaves of the plant.

Aloe vera truly is an ancient secret of natural beauty and has been used as a first aid product for centuries. Even Alexander the Great was advised to seize the island of Socotra to assure a ready supply of the plant to heal his warriors' wounds. And aloe vera is a popular house plant whose leaves are still used by many to sooth minor cuts and burns.

Herbalife, a global nutrition, weight-loss and skin-care company has countless satisfied customers of their Herbal Aloe Drink. Many of these people tell stories of how they were spared the pain of crippling arthritis thanks to Herbal Aloe Drink. Chronic ear infections have cleared up, and a diabetic's need for insulin was cut in half following use of the plant's juice.

Aloe vera can also take care of what's wrong with you and as a natural detox ingredient, will detoxify the body and cleanse it.

Aloe is a powerful cathartic used in laxatives for humans. Aloe vera approved by FDA as a natural substance in food comes from Aloe Perryi Baker, A. Barbadensis Miller, A. Ferox Miller, and hybrids of this species with A. Africana Miller and A. Spicata Baker.

Stress, coffee, cigarette smoke and poor eating habits can upset the stomach and impair digestion. Herbalife's Herbal Aloe Drink brings relief. The aloe plant is known to contain many beneficial substances, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Herbal Aloe Drink combines the goodness of aloe, with a delicious citrus twist for a healthy digestive system.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'Aloe Vera for Health and Rejuvenation - And Herbal Aloe Drink!' Until next time....

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